Gold star links


Back story: I am the queen of affirmation. Any activity that involves charts and stickers is my idea of a good time. Thus I bring you “gold star links” – bits and baubles from around the internet that caught my attention this week.

Tranquility du Jour suggests setting fall intentions and asks some thought provoking questions.

The whole concept of gluten-free is still a bit of a mystery to me, but these noodles look amazing.

In the “aw” category for the week – Snippet & Ink posted photographs of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward throughout their marriage. He’s handsome, she’s glamorous, and they are so clearly in love.

What a thoughtful (and beautiful) gift.

Oh Joy! shares my love of dahlias.

This wedding has some seriously lovely details. My favorite? Photographs of the couple backed with paper doilies. Adorable.

And the above image is my Tumblr pick of the week via the lovely Fallon Elizabeth.

xx/ellen louise