Begin again


I love to start new blogs. I’ve been messing around on the internet for the past two years starting new blogs. Dieting blogs, cooking blogs, lifestyle blogs. For the record, I also have an affinity for new journals. I recently visited my parents and my mother handed me a box with at least 15 blank journals. Sigh. I can’t help it.  I just love the idea of writing. The idea of having something to say every single day.

Realistically I know that isn’t the case. Enter Tumblr. Blogging for the faint-hearted. I’ve been curating a Tumblr page for pretty consistently for about six months now. Granted it takes about two seconds. And most of my posts are re-posts. But I digress.

My point with all of this is that if I ever want to write anything other than grants (although I do love writing grants) I better start soon. Because when I reread my old stuff I realize some of it is really good. But it is good because I was writing all the time. Because I went from a creative nonfiction class (ah, college) into full-time blogger mode. Since then I’ve been busy falling in love, getting a promotion, and generally living life as an adult professional. Someone who has abandoned their dreams (ah, melodrama).

So this is the first entry to say I’m back. I hope. And I promise not to morph into one of those bloggers that shares every single detail of their personal life and talks about babies a lot. Because really, who cares? My motto is, if you don’t have something sassy to say don’t say anything at all. Or post a picture of something pretty.

xx/ellen louise